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Sign Making: Paint a Black Cat for Halloween


I am having fun creating original handmade signs these days. It’s not only a great creative outlet, but I’m finding it is a fantastic way to work through my scrap lumber bin.


Recently FrogTape® sent me some of their newest product: Shape Tape™. I knew I could create a great sign using this new tape, and with Halloween coming up I decided to go for a classic black cat. Nothing quite says Halloween like being on the lookout for a black cat running across your path.



Cut an 8×8 piece of wood. Sand the edges lightly.


I recommend picking three colors for your sign – one primary color (I chose green), a metallic (I chose gold), and black. For the background color, I mixed a small amount of gold into the green to give it a nice sheen.


FrogTape® Shape Tape™ is tape designed to create a pattern, in this case, chevron. The tape has a backing that is easy to peel away and makes it a cinch to apply.


I used the chevron pattern but applied it to create a diamond pattern. Apply your tape in whichever pattern suits your project – the options are limitless!



Mix a secondary color for your pattern. I switched up my previous formula and added a small amount of green into gold paint for metallic diamonds.



Be sure to remove the FrogTape® Shape Tape™ while the top coat is wet.


While the paint is drying, print out your cat. Cut out the cat.


Trace around the cat using an ink pen and mix up your last color. You could use straight black, but I find it harsh. I mixed a black base with a hint of green and gold to tie each paint layer together.


Using a craft paint brush, paint in the cat. I used a #4 flat brush and painted two coats of my dark paint.


Because I don’t go too crazy decorating my house for Halloween, I am loving this subtle nod to the season. The colors are perfect for the fall, and the cat is quintessentially spooky.



Disclaimer: As a member of the FrogTape® Blog Squad, I want to thank FrogTape® for sponsoring this post. All opinions and projects expressed herein are my own.

I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

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